a major player in the sales of bordeaux grand crus

An International Team

Since the creation of BVS in 1999, the objective has been to build a real network of distributors in both France and abroad.

Today we have 360 active clients in more than 39 countries and have established ourselves as a major player in the distribution of fine wines to importers, local distributors and private accounts such as restaurants and prestigious hotels.

With different nationalities, BVS employees have a dual culture that allows them to understand the diversity and needs of each market, and to provide a personalized response to each client.

Our Values

Constant Presence

We strive to be in constant communciation with our customers and the chateaux throughout the year, through market visits and by spending time in the vineyards and cellars.


Years of experience in the field, knowledge of different terroirs and the viticulture, - we look to provide counsel and expertise to our customers.

Close Relationships

We pride ourselves on our long-lasting and trusting relationships with our suppliers and our clients. A mutual commitment.

Reactivity & Availability

Our offices and warehouse are open year-round, nonstop.

High Quality Service

Our focus is on offering remarkable wines that are impeccably sourced and stored, thanks to our temperature and humidty controlled warehouse.

Charitable Support

BVS is a patron of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, which has received one million visitors since its opening in 2016.

“I am very happy that BVS is making a financial contribution to this project, but I see the Cité du Vin above all as a expression of wine’s civility that echoes my own convictions. Without sharing, without a generous spirit, what would wine be?
It is this invisible spirit of wine, of which Shakespeare spoke, that will always make it something more than a simple drink.”

Bernard Pujol